23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse during second trimester ??

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear.. intercourse during pregnancy can be had as long as you're comfortable with it dear...so it depends on you dear...
Answer: It affects to baby.. Take suggestion from doctor it's good for u and baby
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Question: Is it safe to have intercourse in second trimester?
Answer: Yes if you pregnancy is normal and you don't have any complication you can definitely get involved in sex in second trimester of pregnancy just take care that there is no pressure on your stomach while having sex
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Question: Is it normal to have itchiness once in a while in private parts during second trimester?
Answer: Yeah it happens but it isnt normal. Its a sign of dehydration. Please keep a track on how much water u intake.. keep a bottle for yourself seperately and drink with it.. drink atleast 6bottles a day.. its okay to over drink water but not okay to drink less. Also you can try v wash as it keeps your ph balance good and keeps u hygenic. If the itching gets severe and pain becomes worse please consult your gynic as it can b due to UTI. Take care momma!
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Question: Is it safe to drink variyali sharbat during second trimester...
Answer: No dear it's not safe to have suanf Ka juice during pregnancy as it can cause Complications in pregnancy...
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