1 months old baby

Question: Is it advisable to give castor oil (erendial) to one month baby to clean bowls? He is passing too many tools with yellow/brown/bottle green colour. I am taking iron tablets and that can be a reason for bottle green colour tools

Answer: U should not give castor oil
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Question: Today but since than he is passing stool multiple time and that too dark green in colour.. please advise what a shud be done..
Answer: if color is green thn may be usko thand lgi hai pls go to the doctor
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Question: Hi my little one is 5months 5days n poops in green colour as doctor said it's the reason that he is not taking hind milk n to feed both the sides completely but he doesn't drink properly wats the reason
Answer: Dear did you check if you baby is teethinf as babies usually stop taking breastfeed when they teething. Check for swollen gums or if ur baby is drooling a lot. If that is not happening then in cold, cough or fever babies do loose the breastfeed interest which is normal. Also after the vaccination they tend to be fussy about breastfeed. All these are phases and babies usually come back to having breastfeed after 24 to 48 hrs. Also while breastfeeding tru and keep changing sides frequently like if ur baby is taking feed for only 10 min so divide the time between both breast which wiuld be 5 min each side. And give the breast which ur baby prefers least as the first side. He will take it due to hunger. Hope i helped.
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Question: I'm 26 weeks... For past 2 weeks my toilet is in black with green colour.. I didn't took any leafy vegetables.. But as Dr suggestion I'm taking iron with folic tablet twice a day.. What's the reason?
Answer: Hello It's the iron and follic acid that is changing your poop color. There is nothing to worry. Keep your self well hydrated and eating healthy balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables lentils etc so you won't have constipation problems.
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