13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is ecosprin is safe for baby health.... my Dr hs prescribed me ecosprin75 ....he said my blood is thick... that's why I bleed two times nd my blood is negative too..... but today I read from news paper that asprin empact on baby mental health

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Answer: no its safe...i m taking it too
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    Gauri Mahajan1291 days ago

    thx Nadiya

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Question: I'm 6 weeks 5 days pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. Went to doctor today and she prescribed below medicine. I'm wondering why the 2nd and 3rd medicine is given - Folinal, Michelle 200mg and ecosprin. When I Googled the usage, it said shouldn't be consumed by pregnant women. Please advise.
Answer: Hello dear. Michelle 200 mg is given for the maintenence of early pregnancy. Taking a prescribed dose of ecosprin, together with the drug heparin, helps to prevent the clots from forming. This treatment can dramatically reduce the risk of miscarriage.  They are absolutely safe to take during pregnancy and for the maintainence of your pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: I hv my last period 25th January. today i test my morning urine by prega news kit two times... both times 2 line came but the 2nd line was too light than the first line... is the report positive??? i am confused
Answer: Yes its positive. I got the same report in my pregnancy
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Question: Took folicle test my lmp is on feb 9 and ovulated on feb23 on 40th day urine test negative had spotting on 41st day had two times vaginal tisues with light bleeding thn spotting stoped took scan on 43rd day no sac seen bt endometrium alone thick now it is 47day still no heavy bleed
Answer: Dear in this case you should consult with a gynaecologist and get some medicine to get proper flow of period and then if you are planning for pregnancy then have sex regularly and especially on your ovulation days. And if still this happens then your doctor will prescribe you some tests ..
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