8 months old baby

Question: Is is ok to let baby sleep on his tummy at night....my baby is 8 months and 9 days old..he sits and turns on his own.

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Answer: Hi! Its safe once your baby knows how to roll over and adjust his/her position, till the time he does nt know to roll over you can correct it but later they adjust. Since your baby is 8 months assuming he knows to roll over you need not worry, mine 2 yr old is sleeping on her tummy since she was 3 months old. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 101 days old..when does he start rolling and crawling..?and when he sits by his own..?
Answer: Hello dear,  Usually babies start crawling around 7 to 9 month of age, but this time can vary considerably. Some never crawl, preferring to pull themselves up and learn to walk instead. Others shuffle on their bottoms for a long time.  You can encourage this area of your baby s physical development by putting toys or other interesting objects in front of her – just outside her reach. But watch out, once babies can crawl effectively they will also successfully attempt to crawl up stairs. They won’t be able to come down safely at first, though.  Hope it helped... Take care ur little one....
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Question: My baby is 4 months 25 days old..he doesn't turn on the side on his own yet..he sits well with assistance
Answer: Dear ap baby ki thodi help kare vo karne lagega...or khi bar kuch babies tim lete h kuch jaldi kar lete h sb kam...so dont wry...baby ko thoda tim do...
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Question: My baby is 8.5 months he does nt crawl nor he sits by his own...
Answer: Every baby is unique and will take their own time to crawl and walk don't worry. He will crawl in short time. Spend time with baby and give tummy time to baby every day. Put attractive things near him he will definitely try to reach them and learn crawling
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