39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is 3.5kg is normal weight of baby ??n is it possible to have normal delivery if baby weight is around 3.5kg??

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Answer: My due date is 12 may. BT there is no sign of labour right now. I am worryng???? Is it normal
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    chaitrali PawarNalawade999 days ago

    Same.my due date is also 12th may..n me too don't feel any labour till now.bit doc told me that its normal..labour may start at any day.so don't worry.

Answer: Yes very normal..It's possible...Stay positive and hydrated...All the best...
Answer: yes ... Nothing to worry about the weight
Answer: Ya.. It is possible...
Answer: S there more chances
Answer: 50 50 chances
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Answer: Hi dear it is fine in 2nd trimester but it I have issue of cord around then u will. Understand c sec. Even I also.had the same issue and have to for for c sec.
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Question: is normal delivery possible with fetal weight of 3.5kg
Answer: Hello dear, normal delivery depends on your cervix opening. When labour pain starts its own and continue, and your cervix open in enough wide range. You can hope for normal delivery. Good luck and take care urself...
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