19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is iron and folic acid tablets eat in fifth month

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Question: Are the folic acid, iron and calcium tablets are compulsory in 9th month also?
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Yes it very very important to have it through out your pregnancy. Don't skip or leave it unless your doctor suggests. Nowadays what food we have doesn't contain much nutrients and vitamins as most of them are either adulterated or full of pesticides and nonorganic. Take care
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Question: Folic acid n iron tablets
Answer: Hello Very important for the baby s development. Iron and follic acid tablets are the same. They help in increasing ur hemoglobin wch in turn increase the blood for good supply of nutrients n oxygen to ur baby.
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Question: Fifth month abt to start folic acid ki tablets kb tk lenihoti hai..m taking calcium n iron otherwise
Answer: You may quit folic acid... But please check with ur doctor once
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