36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is betnasol injection is safe during pregnancy?my dr suggested me to take 3 injection in aday i have too take take 2 days..plss reply if anyone knows

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Answer: my doctor has also adviced me ..she Is saying it is for lung development of baby..in case if premature delivery happen
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    Neha Lakshit Jain1378 days ago

    same dr said me but my everything is normal in sonography reports weight n all are fine and my dlvery date is on 12th October.. so have u taken this injection?and how many i njection u taken

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Question: Is betnasol injection is safe in starting of 8 month.My doc asked me to take this injection
Answer: Hi. Yes betnasol injections are fine. But what were the circumstances to give it you should be aware of that. 1.As betnasol is given when babies lungs are still not developed till 35th weeks. Betnesol injection will help to produce surfactant in your baby’s lungs, enabling them to inflate without sticking together. 2. When you have fibroid then also you have been injected betnesol with other drugs. Good luck.
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