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Question: is heart palpitations normal during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi! There is increased amount of blood in the body which results in a heart rate that’s about 25 percent faster than usual. A faster heart rate can result in occasional heart palpitations. It can be normal and nonharmful during pregnancy. However please do consult your Doctor if it excessive.
Answer: Yes. Normal. But if its more frequent consult dr.
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Question: Is heart palpitations common during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, The usual palpitations during pregnancy is common due to many reasons.heartbeat more than 100 is termed as Tachycardia.there could be following reasons for that: 1- stress or anxiety 2-overworking heart,as the heart has to full fill the demand of the growing baby in body 3-increase in blood volume during pregnancy 4-rapid proliferation of blood vessels 5-hormonal changes/fluctuations 6-anemia or any other illness like thyphoid 7-excessive caffeine consumption This could accompany with breathlessness,dizzyness and fatigue too. Treatment 1- early morning walks 2- streching exercises could release stress 3- involve in hobbies 4-mild breathing exercises could release stress too.
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Question: Heart palpitations while sleeping normal?
Answer: Hie Increase in heart beat is common during pregnancy as the volume of blood increases during pregnancy by 50% to meet the increasing demands of your body to supply blood to fetus and placenta and hence the cardiac output of heart increases by 30% as well as it has to pump blood So don't bother it is normal Meditation and yoga can help you cope better with the changes happening in your body Practice meditation for 20 mins And do pregnancy yoga under guidance of certified expert
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Question: Is heart palpitations common during pregnancy? I have heart palpitations from third month..
Answer: Check your BP , thayroid and fasting glicose once if it repeats
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