21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is having noodles safe during pregnancy ??

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Answer: Hello..Yes, dear you can have it as noodles, but in moderate quantity, it will not be a problem.. Prefer having little less spicy food.. Homemade dishes are the best to be consumed during pregnancy....That doesn't mean that if you crave for restaurant food, then you have to bite your nails.. You can have outside food as well.. But do not make it a habit and try to eat in moderation..l
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Question: Is it safe to eat pasta and noodles during pregnancy???
Answer: Hi dear, Instant noodles need to be totally avoided during pregnancy.it is bad in all aspects.containing monosodium glutamate ,could cause birth defects in unborn baby.it also contains high amount of sodium,not good for bp.this is deep fried and full of preservatives. Avoid it completely,rather have wholewheat spaghetti,and make it at home.pasta could also be homecooked ,by buying the whole wheat version.check healofy app for right diet during pregnancy.
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Question: Is there any problem in having yipee noodles during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear, yippee noodles, maggi noodles are all not healthy for you...as it is made of maida and contains taste makers and MSG which are all chemicals that can cause indigestion and constipation.. so it is better to avoid it...
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Question: is it safe to eat Maggie noodles during pregnancy
Answer: Once in a while it's ok. Don't use the masala in the noodles. It's unhealthy for the baby
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