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Question: Is spourts harmful in pregnancy

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Answer: There is no denying that sprouts are full of vital nutrients, but when it comes to consuming them during pregnancy think twice. First, Having anything raw during pregnancy is never advised because it might result in food borne disease. Second, whenever you plan to have sprouts it's best to cook them. This eliminates the chances of bacteria present in food also it gets easier to digest. Third, quantity plays very important role. In pregnancy having less is always enough. So don't have sprouts more than a small bowl. Wash them thoroughly, dry them, cook them add to your salad, soups or sandwiches and have it.
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Question: Is brinjal harmful in pregnancy ??
Answer: Hi Dear! I have had brinjal in my pregnancy but never faced any issue but the research say it can be harmful in pregnancy hence its better to be avoided in best interest.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hii can I eat green spourts in the evening hours
Answer: Hie you surely can but it would be better if you boil it because sprouted pulses at times can develop bacteria And you can't accept a stomach upset in this phase
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Question: how to. eat spourts...??
Answer: Hello dear..Yes,having sprouted grains is good for pregnancy, it promotes good health,but it should be cooked well before consuming, because raw cook or slightly cook sprouts can cause food poisoning, because they may contain bacteria when they are sprouted in humid conditions ,can make sabji,sundal or you can also take cooked sprouted salad
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