21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is hair rebonding safe during pregnancy?

3 Answers
Answer: Hi not at all. As there is lot of chemicals being used in rebounding which is harmful and lead to problems for baby and you. You should avoid applying anything to your body or hair which has chemicals .As it is your skin becomes delicate during pregnancy and this will add to your problem. So please wait. And don't do any such chemical process
Answer: Although fairly limited, most research indicates the chemicals found in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to useduring pregnancy. In addition, only small amounts of hair dye may be absorbed by the skin, leaving little that would be able to reach the fetus. Hope this helps.
Answer: No
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Answer: No dont use hair removal creams during pregnancy because the harmful chemicals will affect baby please prefer shaving while pregnant there are no side effects for shaving
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Question: Is it safe to shave the private hair in razor during early pregnancy.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u can shave to ur private hairs by razor its safe but make sure be careful near vaginal area too try it dear .
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Answer: Dear hair colour s not safe in pregnancy as its contains chemical which s not good 4 u in pregnancy so avoid it nd use heena its safe
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