19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: helo....is hair removal creams are safe during pregnancy to remove bikni line hairs??? like patanjli hair removal cream

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Answer: Hello dear.. Removal creams are safe in pregnancy, but make sure you should use mild no perfume creams like citrus or neem or aloe vera flavors... Yes, it's safe to use hair removal creamsalthough you may find that they irritate your skin now when you're pregnant. The chemicals in hair removal creams work on the structural ingredient of your hair , called keratin. The creams cause your hair to break and separate from your skin.
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Question: How to remove bikni hairs during pregnancy??? Can i use razor or removal cream??
Answer: Hi,it is much safer to use a razor than the cream because sometimes the cream can cause allergy as during pregnancy the skin becomes very delicate and so apply of any chemical based cream may cause allergy or redness or even rashes.
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Question: How to remove pubic hair during pregnancy is it safe to use hair removal creams
Answer: Hi,it is better to use razor asnitnus the safest method because hair removal creams can sometimes cause allergy as the skin during pregnancy bhas already become very sensitive.so to avoid that you should use a razor
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Question: Should I remove my bikni hair and tummy line hair from hair removal cream?
Answer: Hi dear, Avoid using any chemicals in that sensitive area.you can trim it using a scissor.but avoid using razor or creams there.
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