21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is hair coloring and rebonding is safe during 20 week pregnency??

4 Answers
Answer: Hie Temporary colours are safe during pregnancy however you should avoid the permanent ones or chemical treatment of your hairs As your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy
Answer: Better to avoid any kind of chemical use, during pregnancy a womens body looses its immuniyy power it can effect you and your babg both.
Answer: no dear hair colouring during pregnancy is nt gud avoid it u can use henna instead of that
Answer: Hello Yes it is totally safe for colouring n rebounding.
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Answer: Yes dear eating curd is absolutely save at any stage of pregnancy . Even I will say eat a bowl of curd daily that will help you to fight against UTI and vaginal infection during pregnancy.
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Question: Which is best hair removal cream for bikini parts during pregnancy is it safe to use
Answer: No dont use hair removal creams during pregnancy because the harmful chemicals will affect baby please prefer shaving while pregnant there are no side effects for shaving
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Question: Hii... Corona vaccine is safe during pregnency??
Answer: No it's not .. it is not tested on pregnant ladies so there is no evidence that it is safe for us or not ..
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