3 months old baby

Question: Is gripe water is safe for my 1 1/2 old baby...he is suffering by gas problems and constipation

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Answer: Hi. As our baby is born its obvious to get excited about the things to use, we do it for babies betterment but we need to wait for right time to feed our baby with these things. liquids like bonnison, gripe water, janam ghuti are helpfull in digestion but since your baby is breastfed your baby dont need digestives now. Let your babies body adapt to normal circumstances ,if baby has problem with digestion you can give it but dont make it a habbit. All the best dea
Answer: With such a small baby help with massaging his tummy clockwise motion slowly and lifting both the legs up to help fart the gas out. You can also put your baby on his tummy in your lap and try to massage his back. Gently push legs in squat positions little. Do this every time before bath and empty stomach otherwise there are chances that your baby may either potty or even give out little breast milk. Do gently.
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Question: Is gripe water safe for my 3months old baby...he is always facing constipation problm
Answer: Hello! Ghutti or gripe water should not be given to babies. Gripe water has sugar and sodium bicarbonate. Sugar is harmful for baby's developing teeth and cause tooth decay, and sodium bicarbonate in large doses is harmful for babies. Take care
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Question: Gripe water is safe for 1 month old baby???
Answer: Hi Gripe water has lot of preservatives it is not at all safe to give any other feed apart from mother's milk or formula milk at this stage take care
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Question: My baby is 1 month and 18 days old, Is it safe to give gripe water for him? He has gas problem.
Answer: Gripe water is not safe to give all the time.. They cause health issues.. It's better you give only once and when ever you feed burp the child for 10mins
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