21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is green grapes are safe in 5th month?

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Answer: Yeah little bit.. not too much
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Question: is green grapes good in pregnancy in 5th. month??
Answer: eat in low quantity.. becoz grapes are not much recommended in pregnancy.
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Question: Is it safe to eat green grapes in 5th month of pregnancy
Answer: The fruits not to eat during pregnancy include papayas, pineapples and grapes. In fact, in some cultures, papayas are in the list of natural foods to avoid pregnancy, and are believed to cause miscarriages. Unripe papaya can be especially dangerous as it has certain compounds that trigger uterine contractions.
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Question: I am in 5th month. Can i eat green grapes
Answer: Hi dear usually there is no problem in green grapes because I have had in my pregnancy but the research says it can be toxic for some pregnant women hence I would suggest you do not have green grapes at all in empty stomach and if you are craving for it please have in minimum quantity nothing would happen.. Hope this helps!
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