6 months old baby

Question: Is cerelac good to start for baby or mashed fruits??

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Answer: Start with mashed veg's like mashed carrots and potatoes then fruits like Apple pureed banana puree... Don't give cerelac... Try going with home made cerelac...
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Question: Homemade cerelac with half mashed banana 2 time a day is good to baby health or its over diet
Answer: Hello! Homemade cerelac with banana is definitely good but also try introducing other varieties of food. Since the baby is already 10months give khidchi with vegetables, roti dipped in dal and smashed in fingers or pancakes lightly smashed, fruit puree or vegetable puree. All these can be given. This way the baby will get a balanced diet too. Take care
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Question: Cerelac is good for baby or not?
Answer: Hello dear. Cerelac is absolutely safe. You can go ahead and give your little one. Take care.
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Question: Is good to give cerelac for baby
Answer: Cerelac in form of dexolsc it nanpro is good. Making dal cerelac might not be needed now as baby will start taking mashed foods and liquid soup diets. Moreover ground dal in rainy season catches fungus easily. Give banana puree with flavoured strawberry yoghurt. Or fruit purries that are not too sweet. Dal rice water is good now. Start with foods now. Healthy that are made an hour before. Fresh foods.
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