19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is cardmom good in pregency..can i eat it..??

4 Answers
Answer: Hello No cardamom is used for aborting a fetus. It can cause a miscarrige in large amounts. Please avoid using cardamom.
Answer: Plz avoid it
Answer: Plz don't
Answer: No
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Answer: All fruits and vegetables are good to consume in moderation. Unless you have an allergy or are sensitive to any food, everything should be fine. Pregnancy may make you not want to eat certain food as you may not be able to tolerate their smells/tastes, but that varies from person to person. 
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Question: can I eat jamun fruit ?is it good in pregnancy
Answer: Yes, it is safe to eat Jamun during pregnancy. Many pregnant women crave to eat Jamun (black plum), as the fruit is tangy and sweet! Apart from its taste, Jamuns offer many health benefits to pregnant women. but avoid eating too much...
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Question: Can i eat muskmillon is it good in pragnency
Answer: YEs you may eat muskmelon during pregnancy. It is a super rich fruit that has nutrients and good amount of fiber that prevents constipation. good for you and baby
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