5 months old baby

Question: Colicaid is good for digestoin or what?

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Answer: Yes colic aid is considered to be safe for the babies if baby has gas or stomach pain due to gas.There are few reasons for stomach pain like if the mom has an oversupply of breast milk baby will then drink too much of milk and this causes your baby's tummy to cramp or a poor latch can also cause gassy tummy or may the use of medication taken by mother can also cause extra gassiness to reduce the risk of gas u can do certain things like pulling the legs upwards towards the body or u can Apply hung around his navel give him tummy time daily for 5-7mins these are few remedies which will help him to release gas
Answer: Hie Yes it is good for digestion as well as helps break gas bubbles Don't give it would everyday Give it only when you feel your baby has gas troubles
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Question: Is colicaid drops safe for colicy or gas problem babies?
Answer: Hi.. Dear do not give any medicine to your baby if it is not prescribed by your doctor.. Apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day, it will give your baby some comfort.. Other than this avoid having gastric food in your diet..
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Question: Colicaid or colimax or gripe water? Which is good
Answer: Hi dear.. It is difficult to say which one is safer and which one is the better choice because both colicaid and gripe water do not treat colic, but only help to control the problem for some time. Also, different babies will react differently to both, so you have to keep checking if your baby has a negative reaction to either. What can you do to naturally ease colic Unfortunately, there is no treatment for colic, and most babies get out of it by the fifth month. Here are a few things you can do in the meanwhile to reduce the pain and discomfort. Make sure to burp your baby after each feed and through the day, as this will help to release gas. Lay down your baby on his or her back, hold the legs in a cycling motion and keep moving accordingly. Do this a few times through the day. Place your baby’s head in a slightly elevated position while feeding. Try soothing techniques such as rocking, swaddling, patting the back, massaging the tummy, speaking softly and so on. Try keeping the feeds a little smaller and keep them more frequent instead. This will avoid your baby from getting too full, which can also cause colic. Helping your baby through colic can be stressful for you too, so if you feel you are getting impatient, angry, frustrated or too tired, ask your partner or a family member to help. If you feel any signs of anger or feel like hurting yourself or your baby, please speak to your doctor about it and ask for help. If it's useful please mark as helpful.
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Question: Colicaid is good or bad for gas for one month old baby...pls tell
Answer: It's effective for gas as well as stomach pain. Other than this try hing( apply hing mixed with water on navel). You avoid eating foods which produces gas and also avoid oily and spicy food
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