1 months old baby

Question: Is giving smoother to my one month old baby...people says it spoils the shape of gums n tooth?

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Answer: It's a wrong phrase... If u giving smoother to baby sterilize after every 24 hours
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Question: my baby girl is 4month old...the shape of her head is not round.... what to do for make it in the right shape??
Answer: Hi dear please don't worry it gets in shape with time as and when the baby grows old not sure if you have used a mustard pillow initially to make the baby sleep on it because a mustard pillow helps in shaping of the head what if you have not used it please don't worry I have seen it with my baby that the shape of the head gets fine with time .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hey how to reduce bitterness of mouth.? It spoils the test of every food.
Answer: Here are five simple ways to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth and regain control of your taste buds: 1. EAT OR DRINK CITRUS FRUIT OR JUICE More often than not, the metallic taste goes away if you consume acids, like citrus. 2. USE A SALTWATER RINSE A teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water creates a saltwater solution for you to swoosh around your mouth, neutralizing pH levels and getting rid of that awful taste. 3. CHANGE YOUR PRENATAL VITAMIN Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal, and some lead to metal mouth more than others. Talk to your doctor about switching if you just can’t tolerate the taste in your mouth. 4. EAT PICKLES Pickles, like citrus, also have a high acidity because of the vinegar they’re marinated in. I wonder if metal mouth is where the craving for pickles so often comes from? Hmmmm. 5. BRUSH YOUR TONGUE Brushing your tongue when you’re brushing your teeth could also neutralize the pH levels in your mouth, leaving you without the icky metallic flavor.
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Question: My baby is 4 months old n having gums ache due to tooth dwvelopment. What do I do to cure tooth ache
Answer: hie you can give your baby chilled water teether they help a lot or you can offer frozen carrots, cucumber or raddsh they work well too masage witha wet cotton cloth this would help ease the pain as wll
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