6 months old baby

Question: Is gasping while playing is normal. My baby is 6months old and she does gasping.

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Answer: Hi Dear! In my opinion u shud not take any risk and take the baby to Paed becz gasping means lack of air and baby is finding it difficult to breathe due to some obstruction.. All the best!
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Question: My baby is 6months 7days old. she has gasping while playing or awake. While sleeping she is fine. Is this normal.she has cold too , for which im giving medicine. But i can sense that gasping is not because of cold. Can u help me ?
Answer: Gasping if baby is playing indicates a repiratory problem we must not diagnose it here now. I will advise to see your paediatrician it can be a temporary allergy and can be treated with help of nebulizer and if there is cold then it will also be cured with nebulizer but we must probe in further for the reasons of developing this gasping, it will also require you to carry all your usg reports and medical record till date with you. See your Dr tomorrow positively Do not worry.
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Question: My baby is 2 months 10 days old. She does not make noise while playing and less smiles. Is it ok? When will she start giggling?
Answer: Hi dear every baby is unique in their own way and it is absolutely fine if the baby is not making noise please give it sometime baby would surely do everything and will start giggling soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Baby sometimes make gasping sound while eating..is it normal
Answer: Hi! Its normal dear, a lot of his internal organs are still developing and maturing, hence these kind of things r all common and wil mature with time.. Hope this helps!
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