5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is folic acid tablet is safe in pregnancy?

1 Answers
Answer: Yes... It is safe... Many of doctor prescribed it in pregnancy...U must not directly take it U should ask doctor before taking it...
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Question: Folic acid 5 mg tablet during pregnancy is safe
Answer: Yeah.. folic acid is actually used to prepare your uterus for pregnancy and it will help your baby's development. It's highly recommended during pregnancy
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Question: Hi folsafe L tablet safe in pregnancy ? Is this contain folic acid ??
Answer: Yes dear, it is a folic acid tablet and safe to use in pregnancy but dosage should be strictly as prescribed by doctor ....
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Question: How many day folic acid tablet is necessary in pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear Folic acid is to be taken first three months of pregnancy for the growth and development of baby as in first three months only baby's brain and nerve system develops.
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