31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is floor mopping is necessary for normal delivery , although I use to walk on daily basis ?

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Answer: No dear... Just walk have small squating exercises and just relax.. Do small yoga like panayam.. You don't need to exhaust yourself.. Eat healthy and hydrated
Answer: no dear its not complasary..walk kariye exercise kariye..take healthy diet..fuits dry fruits...take mother horlicks wit warm milk twice...u can yoga also..tc
Answer: No need.. If u r not comfortable don't do any kind of things
Answer: No...it's not necessary
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Question: Is it harmful for baby to take stairs till 4 floor on daily basis
Answer: Hello dear Climbing stairs anytime during early pregnancy or later in pregnancy is safe as long as you are careful. Use more caution in the second or third trimester because your center of gravity may be off.
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Question: Is it necessary to drink milk on daily basis...as i dont lyk milk at all..
Answer: Instead of milk, you can take 3 cups of low fat curd,l daily, that is curd without malaai. You can also take 5 6 soaked and skinned almonds (Badam), palak, paneer, Channa, brocolli. The requirement per day is 1 gram of calcium. That is 3 tall glasses of milk daily. If you are taking calcium supplements daily, then you can have any of the aboveentioned items instead of milk.
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Question: Can I use galact on daily basis till 1 yr
Answer: Hi dear, galact granules helps to increase the amount of breastmilk but it's not necessary to eat till one year. Breastfeeding for 6 months is enough for you baby. Feed your baby more it will help to stimulate more milk production. Keep yourself well hydrated.
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