14 weeks pregnant mother

Is feeling low a side effect of pregnancy??

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Question: Does low hcg effect pregnancy?
Answer: Hi,yes it can as these are the levels that indicates the hormones that supports the pregnancy
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Question: der is any side effect of beetroot?
Answer: Beetroot, if taken in excess, can lead to kidney stones or gout. Consuming beetroot juice might also have certain issues. It can lead to the accumulation of metals like iron, copper, and magnesium in the liver – causing complications. Taking the juice once a while could be okay. But not daily. So take twice or thrice of beetroot juice in a week. Avoid taking everyday.
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Question: Is there any side effect of colicaid
Answer: Hi dear i also gave this to my baby and didn't found as such but I was giving it under doctor supervision. Giving colicaid regularly can affect functioning of baby digestive system. It is very common for baby to suffer some colic problem which subsidise itself after 3 to 4 months of age.
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