14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is feeling low a side effect of pregnancy??

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Question: M feeling restless and tired my bp is low form two dayz ...any suggestion any side effect of low bp on my baby ..help me
Answer: Hi, low BP causes dizziness and tiredness you should intake the relevance of salt in your diet which will help to maintain your blood pressure levels you should take fresh lime water twice a day you should also take date as it has salt and and coconut water is also very good for you you should take good rest as this will help you to maintain your BP levels have salty nuts. this will help don't worry it will not affect the baby
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Question: Is feeling depressed a symptom of pregnancy
Answer: Hi..mood swings are but not depression. So if you are feeling so please visit a doctor.
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Question: Does low hcg effect pregnancy?
Answer: Hi,yes it can as these are the levels that indicates the hormones that supports the pregnancy
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