27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is facial is safe during pregnancy ...if yes then suggest which brand or which type of facial i can do on my face

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Answer: Its not safe..it contains lot of chemicals which if in case will come in contact with ur mouth will be dangerous
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Question: Hello i m 6 weeks pregnant, which type of house hold works i can do at this stage and which type of exercise i can do?
Answer: Hi dear... You can do everything if everything is normal.. You conceived normally without medication.. Then you can do all the chores in a certain way. 1. Mopping and brooming but in standing position, donot sit in a potty position for long. 2. Dont bend too much. 3. Walking 4 cooking 5 chopping veggies, doughing, cleaning utensils. 6 you cn go to office if you are working.
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Question: Which type of fish can I eat during this time.. without mercury content where
Answer: Sure u can take fish its safe u can take Wild salmon.Shrimp.Catfish.Tilapia.Sole.Flounder.Haddock.Halibut. s safe .try to avoid high murcury fish its not safe 4 u .Fish has low levels of saturated fat but high levels of nutrients, such as Vitamin D and protein, which are necessary for the developing baby. Fish also helps promote a healthy pregnancy.try it
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