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Question: is epidural safe for normal delivery? or can I be able to deliver vaginally without epidural? which is safe with epidural or without epidural? pls help

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Answer: Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor. It is injected when u want baby without pain. Epidural anesthesia eases pain while delivering a baby. Whether u want to have or not an epidural it is completely ur choice. epidural is not completely safe.
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    Anonymous Mom477 days ago

    any complications while using epidural anesthesia?

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Question: Is epidural safe for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello dear. Epidurals are widely considered safe, and probably you will be fine with or without one. What worried me most personally was that epidurals have been proven in numerous medical studies to prolong the second (pushing) stage of labor because the mom can't feel to push well, sometimes leading to a vaccuum delivery or c-section. Often epidurals can slow progression a bit during active labor and thus about half of moms with epidurals get pitocin to strengthen their contractions, which can be stressful for the baby. On the other hand, because the epidural medication is inserted into the spinal column and not the bloodstream, less of the medication gets to the baby than with other drugs used during childbirth. Sometimes they are really useful because the mom can better relax and dilate. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it safe having epidural for normal delivery?
Answer: No, it numbs pain and u will not know when to push a baby. Mine was first pregnancy, my mother in law gave me go mutre( sterile cow urine) 15 to 16 spoons when my pains start, I delivered baby in 6 hours, pain was also less, Just do some delivery exercises like squatting, lunges, duck walking, take long walks,do yoga. This will help in painless delivery. See giving birth to baby is painful but these exercises and yoga helps in faster delivery. U can take sterile cow urine .
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Question: Hi I want to know if it is safe to go for epidural in normal delivery. I fear that I will not be able to bear the pain of normal delivery.
Answer: Be strong dear. While getting pain lock ur lips n think jst abut ur baby. U will have early delivery i mean pain jayada der bear nahi karna padega. Normal delivery is best option. Baby ko dekhne kae baad sab bhul jaogi. I already beared 2 pains n had normal delivery. With in 3 - 4 hrs after starting. Because i locked my lips while getting pains. It puts pressure n baby comes down early.
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Question: Natural delivery or with epidural, which is better?
Answer: But if the doctor says go for csec then go for it
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