7 weeks pregnant mother

Is eating non veg like chicken and egg is harmful in pregnancy time

No , egg and chicken is good option of protein. You can eat them during pregnancy.
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Question: I am 10 week pregnant..can i eat non veg like egg,mutton chicken...pls suggest..
Answer: Yes you can. Consume in moderation. Having eggs thrice a week, mutton once a week is fine. Better to avoid chicken for now since it has heat property. Consume mutton in moderation to avoid too much weight gain. Take care dear. All the best.
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Question: Does eating non veg cause a lot of heat in the tummy?My aunty is advicing me to avoid chicken,egg and fish.But I love nonveg.
Answer: chicken ,egg and fish are really great source of proteins and should be included in daily diet of pregnant womenThey are absolutely safe except for few mercury cotaining fishes like tuna,sardine etc.Protein helps in the growth and development of your baby and is required in every women.So no, you do not need to stop eating non-veg during pregnancy.
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Question: I can't eat non veg i don't like eating non veg i only eat veg ...is there any serious problem ??
Answer: Hi, absolutely no problem. It's not mandatory that u have to eat nonveg., There are so Amy vegetables which is equally rich in vit and nutrition.☺
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