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Question: Is eating non veg like chicken and egg is harmful in pregnancy time

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Answer: No , egg and chicken is good option of protein. You can eat them during pregnancy.
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Question: Eating non veg is safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have non veg, but it should be cooked well before consuming, but avoid it for dinner it may cause indigestion
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Question: Hi, can i take non veg like egg, chicken,mutton,fishand chapathi now ...?
Answer: Yes u can have all thz ..during pregnancy ths is good for u r health also dear
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Question: I am 10 week pregnant..can i eat non veg like egg,mutton chicken...pls suggest..
Answer: Yes you can. Consume in moderation. Having eggs thrice a week, mutton once a week is fine. Better to avoid chicken for now since it has heat property. Consume mutton in moderation to avoid too much weight gain. Take care dear. All the best.
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Question: Does eating non veg cause a lot of heat in the tummy?My aunty is advicing me to avoid chicken,egg and fish.But I love nonveg.
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .surely u can have it . Chicken is a good source of protein. Prefer taking less spicy and less oily onces . Best option is the chicken sandwich or soups. As I our Indian version ,chicken curry get extremely oily and spicy which resuce it's health benefits. egg is a super food. It contains necessary nutrients in the form of fats, minerals, protein, vitamins A and D, which are all very essential for pregnant women.it is rich in protein. Good for babies brain development as it contains omega 3 fatty acid. If ur blood cholesterol level is normal then u can consume one or two everyday.if it is low then avoid. It contains adequate calory for pregnant lady. But do make sure u have to eat properly cooked egg.no half cooked. U should get hard boiled egg or properly Fried one. Fish is also a good source of omega 3 fatty acid. U can give but make sure to avoid high mercury containing fish
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