1 months old baby

Question: Is eating suffola masala oats good as feeding to my 1 month baby.

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear see any market stuff is made woh added ingredients to increase it's shelf life. So better take. A good quality rolled oats and make it by adding fresh seasonal vegetables . U can also make sweet porridge. It is really good for increasing ur milk production .
Answer: Hi.. Yes, you can have in moderate quantity.. It will be better if you make plain saffola oats with little salt and pepper.
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Question: Hi is it good to eat masala oats as i have 1 month 4 days baby
Answer: Hi dear it is always advisable to have homemade food. If u want the. U can surely have homemade masala oats i spite of packed ones. Oats is one of the best food for generating milk for ur baby. It is easy to digest and good to shed ur postpartum weight.
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Question: Is masala oats is good?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation as it contains preservatives. Take care.
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Question: Can i masala oats to my baby?
Answer: Dear do avoid masala oats to baby. you may give plain oats to your baby and not masala oats, as such taste enhancers can have additives, preservatives and food color that can be really harmful for baby's sensitive body. Try to make plain oats with milk and water and add only small pinch of sugar to taste.
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Question: Is pathanjali masala oats is good for pregnancy??
Answer: Hello! Please avoid having masala oats from any brands. It does have preservatives and sometimes taste enhancer which is not good during pregnancy. Infact you can prepare masala oats at home only and it is much more healthy. Take care
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