8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is eating A piece of cake will effect my baby

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Answer: Dear having a small piece will not effect the baby but it is recommarable to avoid junk foods during pregnancy which may lead to increase in weight for the fetus... Also having more direct sugars will have chances to increase blood sugar.. Which will affect the baby..
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Question: Is there any problem by eating a small piece of cold cake?
Answer: No there is no problem but you have to take care of your throat of cold cough sneezing because if you take all products you can catch cold immediately because of that you will feel very uncomfortable and in pregnancy you are not able to have any kind of medications so that would be trouble for you so what ever you eating eat it at appropriate time Don't worry enjoy your pregnancy can have meals according to the weather according to circumstances according to time I think it can be helpful to you good luck
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Question: Hi I m 8 weeks pregnant nd yesterday I have taken a piece of whisky ganache cake...is it dangerous?
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy . No wine or any form of alcohol should be taken in pregnancy as alcohol if enters in to baby body through placenta can cause many deformatilities physically and to the brain of the baby. This not only affect ur baby while birth but can affect him or her in a long run and may be baby suffer from so any other consequences in there growing ages like underweight, achieving milestone very late, low iq. 
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Question: Hi, I'm 11th week pregnant mother. Today evening I ate 1 piece of cake..plain cake..is this affect my baby???..
Answer: Definitely not. . Don't eat raw papaya and pineapple. Other than these two you can eat anything.
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