6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is driving scooty safe during early pregnancy?

4 Answers
Answer: If your feel good to drive ,u can drive but don't go long journey and go very slowly.it is very important to drive to go otherwise take rest during early pregnancy bcz mainly miscarriage in first trimester don't take risks... finally to drive slow is safe
Answer: It is better to avoid driving in scooty.. First consult your doctor regarding your health.. jumping humps can cause bleeding issues. And also chances of slippery in road are more.. So better avoid scooty.. car is more safe than scooty
Answer: Not safe, because there will be jerking and jumping. It may cause miscarriage i think
Answer: No pls don't ride on skuty
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Question: Is it safe to have barley flour mix with wheat flour during early pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear bareley is generally safe in the amounts found in foods, even if you are pregnant. Barley grains are rich in folic acid, which prevents neural tube defects like cleft lip, spinal bifida. The copper present in barley helps in maintaining the flexibility of blood vessels, bones and joints during pregnancy.so dear u can take barley .. u can add in wheat too
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Question: Is it safe to do exercise during early pregnancy
Answer: It is not good to take physical stress during early weeks of pregnancy chances of miscarriage remain high during those days. Walking for 45 minutes in a day and the breathing exercise are good during pregnancy early weeks. Even after completion of first three months you have to confirm from your doctor whether you can do exercises or not. Take care.
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Question: Light bleeding is safe in early pregnancy
Answer: Bleeding in pregnancy is not normal dear. You have to inform your doctor immediately. You might require medicine and injection 💉 for support.
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