10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is drinking soup good to health????

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear It is safe to drink soup in pregnancy. But try to avoid packed soups and can drink fresh vegetables soup.
Answer: Yes soup is good for health Even u can drink non veg soup
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Question: drinking thumbsup,maaza,pulpy orange is good for health now
Answer: Hi dear. these all are artificial drinks and have a lots of added sugar and other artificial flavours it is not healthy for both you and your baby in this stage , if you are craving for it then you can drink it once in a while but don't make it a habit . this drinks will not give you any kind of nutrition, better avoid it. drinking it once in awhile is ok , but over consumption is not advisable . Take care
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Question: Will having knoor soup good for health?
Answer: Hi,it's better to have home made fresh soups as knoor soupls have some preservatives in that . Take care
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Question: Drinking cold water is good for baby health
Answer: Hi dear. It's not recommend to take cold water during pregnancy.. because in pregnancy body becomes too sensitive and tends to get effected to cold very easily.. once u catch cold it's very tough to deal with it.. so it's better to avoid.. it won't effect the baby in the womb
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