Few weeks old baby

Question: Is Drinking more tea will make baby darker?😢

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Answer: I know there there is nothing like that do not worry but I am get drink tea only twice a day
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Question: Will drinking black tea make my baby look darker
Answer: No dear..but Dont drink black tea in pregnancy as it is not good for health as black tea contains a lot of caffeine also black tea can also cause sleep problems and raise your blood pressure. 
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Question: During pregnancy can we drink tea? Will drinking tea make baby color dark
Answer: Hi, yes dear there is no problem you can have tea once in a day and do not worry having it does not change the colour of the baby the colour of the baby depends upon the genes of the parents so relax you can consume tea..
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Question: Tea can make unborn baby skin darker..plz explain
Answer: Hello, No tea is not safe.Tea is contain caffeine in large amount.The caffeine levels in tea can cause hyperactivity in children, as well as a calcium deficiency.
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Question: Does drinking black tea make baby dark
Answer: Hello There is no evidence that it hampers ur baby s complexion but it is not safe to consume tea as it contains caffeine wch can be harmful. As it is passed down to your baby. There are alot of things you can eat to make the complexion better. Saffron milk. A lot women who drink this are believed to have fair babies. Coconut. Eat alot of coconut kernels as they are known to enhance the baby s complexion in Indian beliefs Milk also aids to make baby fair as well as gives u calcium. Which is very important in ur babys development Eggs it is believed that egg whites should be eaten by women in their 2 nd trimester to get a fair complexion baby. Almonds. In ayurveda it's belived that almond milk can make ur baby fair. Ghee this not only aids in less pain delivery it is also known to cause a brighter skin tone whn consumed everyday Oranges the vitamin c helps the baby get fair whn consumed during pregnancy Fennel seeds or sauf soaked in water. Can make ur baby fair Grape juice has HAS thats alpha hydroxyl acids that can give ur baby a fair complexion. Drink 60 ml a day.
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