2 months old baby

Question: Is dr sumaiyaa not available these days? I m not able to attend her 3:15 session

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Question: Hllooo dr. I m 6weeks pregnant.i m a teacher nd i have to go on 2nd floor (2-3 times) daily to attend my classes. Is it safe?
Answer: Hello dear.. climbing stairs anytime early pregnancy or later pregnancy is safe as long as you consider,but during second or third trimester, because your centre of gravity may be off,it is harder to maintain your balance,when you have more weight in front of your body,it is advisable to avoid more stair climbing during this phase,but in unavoidable circumstances go slowly,and make use of handle to get a better grip for effective safety purpose..
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Question: Nothing is happening in tht Q and A session with doctor live .only i am able to see the doctor but not able to ask her anything
Answer: sorry dear.. i just got the info that our doctor is not well. even i was waiting for the live session. i understand she worked hard for answering our queries. this time let her take rest. we can solve our queries tomorrow. Hope she get well soon
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Question: I m not able to write any question at dr. Sumaiya session at 12.30.. dont know why.. even i open it at 12.30 sharp..
Answer: Hi dear, you should take a screenshot and send it in sakhi@healofy.in. they will help you to fix it.
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