17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is double marker test results 100% reliable? And if comes positive what to do

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Answer: Hii there is no surety for 100% on any report. One thing i can say is, there is a test for chromosome in which they take a fluid from you and check it for any down syndrome. But remember the false ration of such test is high. So just enjoy your pregnancy.high ratio in double marker can also be due to any placental problem.  So crusk of the matter is u need to consult a good experienced doctor to get a better overview. All the best.
Answer: No double marker is not at all reliable but if you want to ensure do nipt test its 99% accurate and if u have down syndrome issue in ur family or husband family best is amniocenthesis its 100% accurate.NIPT is blood test amniocenthesis is done taking fluid from ur belly and its risky so do only from fetal expert.
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Question: If I do double marker test, do I have to do quadraple test?
Answer: Dear if you already took double Marker test and result comes negative then there is no need to take quadruple Marker test again. but if double Marker test comes positive or showing any risk then you may need to take a quadruple test as well to confirm it further. Hope it helps.
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Question: What is double marker test
Answer: It's a test that is usually done in the first trimester, between 10th to 13th week of pregnancy to determine any chrimosonal malfunction and to check if a baby in the womb has any neurological conditions like down syndrome. It's mainly to ensure the health of the baby.
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Question: Hi, is Usg NT screening and double marker test necessary? If yes then what is the procedure?
Answer: Yes it is very imp to know about spinal cord defects in your child
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