5 months old baby

Question: helo. is der any syrup which helps baby to gain weight?

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Answer: feed bm continuously n if u consult with your paediatrician then will suggest to increase appetite of ur baby but baby is so small so don't worry if baby is active n doing all activity then nothing to worry n if u want to increase weight of ur baby by syrub or multivitamins then u should use which is Prescribed by ur doc
Answer: there is no such syrup I guess. but yes doc might give some syrup for more increasing appetite that too I guess not in such early age. in some babies weight gain process is slow .so better see of baby is active or not. reaching the milestones on time.if yes then continue breastfeed slowly you will see change.
Answer: whats ur babys birth weight n currwnt weight
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    muks123 Chaudhary1586 days ago

    birth weight was 2.8 n now 6.20

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    Manali Suthar1586 days ago

    instead of syrup u have ghee... n dear weight is good.. also if ur lo is active weight is jus a number my lo waa 2.7 at birth n gained 500-800gms per mnth my doc suggested instead of syrup mom should have ghee in diet.. it will help

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    muks123 Chaudhary1585 days ago

    ok..thnks manali

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Answer: Hi mommy, when my baby was at same age i followed this chart and it helped by baby to gain weight hope you can follow this diet for your little one, All the best! 8 am - bm / fm 9 am. Rava idly, oats ragi dosa, suji kheer, banana porridge, pancakes, apple puree( any one) 11 am. Bm/ fm 12 pm. Mashed banana, curd, 1 pm. Khichdi, potato and carrot khichdi, curd rice, ragi porridge, suji upma with veggie 3 pm. Bm / fm 5 pm. Any finger soft fruit, yogurt, boiled sweet potato, apple smoothy 7 pm. Uttpam, suji kheer, moong daal with rice, raw banana porridge, barley cereal, wheat cereal Quantity. Liquid 3 to 4 spoon Thick food 3 to 4 spoon Fruit. (Half one time )
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Question: My baby is 7 months old.Suggest any food which helps to gain weight of my baby.
Answer: Rice, green gram dala n carrot beans all r cook, add on ghee , give to be baby lunch.. give fruits like apple, chikkoo, avocado fruits...... good for baby weight gain
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Answer: high protein diet may help in gaining weight of baby. Other might be high blood circulation and proper oxygen supply to baby will boost weight.
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