22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is der any prob for doing works in pregnancy time (6months) like home work (hard work means)..

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Answer: You mean household work? No, there is no problem but make sure you don't carry heavy objects while cleaning or don't stand for too long.
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    Shwetha G Jayadev495 days ago

    K thank you

Answer: Not heavy work which hurts u.
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Question: Can i do any work in the home during pregnancy and doing works in home helps to become normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can do all household work, no harm in it, actually it is good to stay physically active, but don't lift any heavy object, doing work and keep yourself physically active will help in normal delivery
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Question: Is there any problem to doing works at home
Answer: Hello... No dear, you can do household work, it is actually good, but don't lift any heavy object
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Question: My baby is 6months old he doing poop very hard.. And im giving him home cirilac
Answer: He is badly constipated. Give only 2 spoons of solid food, once daily, for a week, then gradually increase the frequency and then the quantity in each time. Breastfeed b4 and after solids. Bm is major source of hydration. Give few sips of water during the day. I hope it will help.
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Question: I'm homemaker and now 8th month in home all work im only doing like kitchen work and other activities also is there any problem for my baby by doing all these work pls suggest me madam
Answer: Hi dear being active during pregnancy is good and it is always suggested to be active in pregnancy so if you are doing all household work and kitchen work normally what a home maker does I think it is all fine there is nothing to be worried about but I would just say one thing that do not exert yourself or put a lot of strain on yourself be active within your comfort zone this is what is important.. Hope this helps!
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