32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is delivery related with linea nigra (stomach line).. my mother in law is saying jb puri line milegi tb delivery ka time rhega...

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Answer: Not at all..
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Question: My mother in law is having asthma. Can i keep my baby with her all the time
Answer: Hello! It depends on the level of asthma she has and how does she deal with it. Does she gets asthma attacks frequently or too much of activity leads to asthma attack,if such is the case then better not the baby alone with your mother in law. Hire a help and let the help take care of the baby and your mother in law can supervise the hired person. This ways you will also be less worried. Take care
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Question: Hello madam. I got black line on my belly below naval point.i read that it is called linea nigra which is normal in pregnancy but now it is disappearing , is it normal or something to worry n visit dr
Answer: Hi dear, Not all get this Linea nigra.usually it keeps getting darker as the pregnancy progresses.actual reason for this is unknown,but some believes it is related to the pregnancy hormones.but not to worry,if your scans are fine please donot rely on such physical symptoms.you also know that how nausea subsides in second trimester onwards.so it depends on each body.
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Question: My mother in law is saying that 20 days after sex will not be included in pregnancy... is this correct????
Answer: Hi! No its incorrect, generally the timing of fertilisation is not known to anyone thats why the the first date of your last period is considered aa the conception day till the time of USG. Hence if we leave the 20 days after intercourse the entire calculation will be incorrect. Good luck!
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