11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is dates harmful for pregnancy women in starting month????

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Answer: No mam actually that was good but in some cases doc suggest to not to eat in pregnancy so you should consult doctor
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Question: Is eating dates harmful in 2nd month of pregnancy
Answer: Hello Natural sugars in the date fruit breaks down easily this fruit does not spike high sugar lever but will give u instant energy. Which makes these fruits an excellent choice during pregnancy or before labour. These fruits also have high content of oxytocin they help in dilation wch will help you in your labour. The high fiber helps u stay full it also helps ease in constipation it also helps u fight against gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Hope I helped
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Question: Is having vinegar in food harmful for the pregnant women
Answer: Hii dear nooit is not harmful.its really good. In fact u can include apple cider vinegar. Dat is much better and healthy for ur digestion .also keep u aways from throat injection.
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Question: Is eating dates during pregnancy harmful? It is heard that dates tend to lead miscarriage.
Answer: No dear ... dates is rich in iron it's very useful for pregnant women You can take every day
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Question: Hii .. Is RO harmful for pregnant women??
Answer: I mean to say RO water
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