36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is cumin water with butter good during ninth month of pregnancy...i am drinking it daily ..please suggest

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Answer: Cumin is good for health it always help in generation of breast milk don't worry.. but avoid butter it's not good type of fat use ghee instead
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Question: Drinking water in an empty stomach is good during pregnancy?
Answer: Depending on your body. For some it can be beneficial. And for some it may lead to nausea. . pregnancy have different effects to different women... I was having daily two to three glass water straight away i get up. . And one of my friend if ahe drink water before having any meal she starts vommiting. . So understand your body.
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Question: Hi friends... I recently read some articles regarding drinking jéera water during pregnancy and they are preety good. Can you please share your experience of drinking jéera water during pregnancy is good or bad! ? What precautions do we need
Answer: Jeera water is OK to drink as it helps in digestion and improve metabolism. You can have a small glass or a cup of ginger water. everything should be in limit, over consumption is not recommended.
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Question: Morning I am regularly drinking jeera water with lemon and honey .Is it ok during pregnancy?
Answer: It is not harmful to have a glass of jeera water with lemon but don't over consume jeera. Also you should drink lukewarm water. Take care.
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