6 months old baby

Question: Is mahanand cow milk good for babies after 6 months...if yes how much water needs to be added to half litre milk

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Answer: Hi. Baby shoukd not be served cow milk before 1 year of age. you should wait until your baby has reached her first birthday, before giving it as a drink.  Cow's milk doesn't contain enough iron for young babies. Using it as a substitute for breastmilk before your baby turns one will leave your baby short of important nutrients and may lead to anaemia (too little iron in blood).  Infant formula milk contains more iron and vitamins than cow's milk, and is the better alternative to breastfeeding for the first year if needed.  Cow milk is also harder on your baby’s kidneys than breastmilk or formula milk and can lead to milk allergy. If you suspect your baby may have an allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk, speak to your doctor.  After the first six months, breast milk is not a good enough source of iron, so breastfeeding mums should make sure weaning foods contain plenty of iron. This means using foods such as lean red meats, vegetables and puréesof fresh or dried fruit in your baby's diet. 
Answer: Hello Dear! Please don't give cow milk to baby till the baby is 1 year old. The digestive system of babies are not strong enough to digest cow milk at this stage. Just ask your pediatrician she will suggest you which formula milk you can use.
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Question: If I m feeding baby amul cow milk how much water shd be added in it?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 2 months old dear cowmilk s not safe for babies as Babies can't digest cow milk before 1 year Cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can tax your baby's immature kidneys. Cow's milk doesn't have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants.so stop giving cow milk give breast feed to ur baby .if u have less bf take healthy diet untill ur bf increases can give formula milk as lactogen or nan pro or similac to ur baby its safe healthy nd baby can digest ot easily .try it
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Question: How much water to be added un cow milk for 1year 7m child
Answer: Hi, you need not add add water in cow milk there is no requirement for adding water. Infact give full fat milk to the baby.
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Question: Can I give cow milk to 7 month baby? If yes,how much water to mix?
Answer: I hd nvr given fm to my princess she is totally on bm or amul cow milk
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Question: Which milk is good for babies to mix in cerelac after 6 months. Cow milk, buffalo milk or packed milk
Answer: Hi. Please don't give any milk other than bm or FM Ford your baby till one year As it cannot be digested by baby. . Try to avoid cerelac as it contains a lot of unwanted sugar and preservatives Instead you can give home made versions which are more healthy and easily accessible You can give purees initially like boiled apple puree, sweet potato puree, Banana puree etc. And then you can start with semi solids. Like mashing up the food slightly. You can give idli dosa, roti, cheela. Make small small pieces and introduce to the baby. Baby will initially refuse but then will enjoy eating it on his own. Focus on the quality like high nutritious food rather than quantity Even two spoons of food would be enough at one point. Try to keep offering every 2 hours. Then baby will like it. Do not force-feed at all. ,
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