12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is coriander leaves safe during pregnancy???

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Answer: they are safe and very good in pregnancy ...have them throughout your pregnancy .... you can make prathas of coriander leaves and have them
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Question: Medler tablet is safe during pregnancy? Please revert
Answer: Yes dear, medler tablet is safe in pregnancy.it is used to treat common cold symptoms.Having a cold during pregnancy will not usually affect the baby.take proper reststay active.drink warm water and warm water gurgling with salt.focus on foods with vitamin C .better to apply vicks vaporub cream.take steam inhalation with karvol plus capsules.usually symptoms will be gone within 2 days.if you have symptoms more than 2-3 days and any throat pain, associated with fever please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy a big no 4 sex .sex should be avoided 3 months because pressure in uterus s not good 4 ur baby so avoid till 3 months completed. From 4 month if there s no complication as low lying placenta bleeding or pain or short cervix then u can go 4 sex then only its safe
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Question: Is tailoring safe during pregnancy
Answer: Well it depends dear.if it is required to sit for longer time then please avoid.as now your back bones are loose and can get strained faster.also you could have round ligament pain.
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