38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is cord loop around neck normal at 38th week?

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Answer: Hello dear, Cord around the neck is commonly occurring in some of the births. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is the nuchal cord wrapped so tight that it causes the issue.
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Question: Is possible normal delivery at 35 weeks with cephalic presentation cord around neck single loop??
Answer: Hi dear there is very low chances of u to have delivery delivery if the cord is around . Doctor may try to stretch till 37th week for ur delivery so that baby will be full grow and will be consider as full term baby.
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Question: Single Cord loop around the neck...normal delivery possible?
Answer: Yes totally possible.if dere is one loop than its totally normal babies in womb fiddle n have it looped around neck it's very slimy n harmless . If it's more than 1 loop than poses danger
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Question: Increased amniotic fluid at week 36 and one loop of cord around baby's neck.. What's solution
Answer: Hi, if you have polyhydramnios which is increased amniotic fluid, you will be first tested for diabetes. most expectant moms with polyhydramnios will be advised to take bed rest and avoid any stressful work. the majority of mums with polyhydramnios give birth to perfectly healthy babies.if it si severe some amount of amniotic fluid may need to be drained.
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