9 months old baby

Question: vacine is compulsory for babies agar matth filatho kuch prblm hai .

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Answer: Yes it is a problem. Vaccinations save ur baby from so many life treating diseases for which ur baby is easily prompt to catch. Do t miss even a single vaccination as per government defined. All the best.
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Question: Hii, Typhoid vaccine is compulsory for babies
Answer: Every vaccine is compulsory for baby don't take rest with baby is Life OK
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Question: Whether just dee" drops is compulsory for babies
Answer: Hello Dear Dee drops are vitamin d substitute. It is usually given when baby is not getting proper feed or the calcium is not getting observed in his body. It is no problem it gives a healthy development of bones n teeth in young infants. Yu should take only recommended dosage to yur baby. Once he starts eating semi solid food yu can ask yur pediatrician n stop the usage. U can also give yur little one more of sunlight as it is good source of vitamin d. Take care
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Question: Is fm compulsory for babies ?
Answer: No dear, If you can breastfeed your baby and have sufficient supply then it's elixir for baby. It not only keeps baby full it provides all the nutrients and antibodies to baby. This is the reason why breastfed babies have better immunity then formula fed babies. Till 6months feed only breastmilk to your baby.
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