19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is cold normal during this period and what are the risks involved???

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Answer: Just do hot water steaming twice a day its better than medication... If the problem is heavy consult ure doctor mam
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    Rajani Gompa473 days ago

    Don't worry about cold

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    Vinit Sharma473 days ago

    its our first time so just been extra cautious

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Question: My TSH is 3.3 .. what can i do to reduce it ? What are the risks involved in that ?
Answer: Hi dear, Your TSH is fine for time being.thre is no need to be strict in reducing it further.make sure you are not letting it rise.inwont suggest any medicine now.wait for another 5 weeks and get it checked again.if the TSH rises above 4 then you would need to take minimal thyroid Medicine dose.donot worry about the risk now.
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Question: Iam brestfeeding a 4 month old baby girl and iam 6 weeks pregnant again ..what should i do ??what are the risks involved
Answer: Hi dear as I am sure you understand that it is too early to have another baby but since you have already conceived and all your reports are fine you are stable and your doctor is helping you to go ahead with the pregnancy you can go ahead and as long as a breastfeeding is concerned there is no problem when feeding your older child or while you are pregnant your older child doesn't miss out on any kind of nutrition needed and your Unborn baby in your home hence it is absolutely fine to continue to breastfeed the babies even after birth which is called tandem feeding.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello..I am 19weeks pregnant. I had my level 2 scan at 18 weeks which shows low lying placenta reaching upto the internal OS. What are the precautions needed at this stage and what are risks involved. Kindly guide.
Answer: Have full rest. Don't pick up heavy objects. Keep pillow below legs while lying. Don't stand for long. Have bed rest as much possible. Sleep on tilted bed(leg side of bed higher and head side lower). May God bless you with healthy baby.
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