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Question: Is clubfoot serious in newborn

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Answer: Hi Dear! Club foot is a relative common birth defect. There are varying degrees and with treatment such as intense bracing which should most likely begin within the first few weeks of birth as their bones and joints are very flexible and easy to get treated. Sometimes it gets cured just by wearing shoes which are available and sometimes surgery. But the good news is it can be corrected so dont loose hope follow what your Dr. says and consult a Pediatric Orthopaedist for the issue. Wishing you the best!
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Question: Is clubfoot serious in newborns??? Pls rply
Answer: hi dear! This happens because the tissues that connect muscles to bone (called tendons) in your baby's leg and foot are shorter than usual. Babies with clubfoot also may have abnormal foot bones, ankle joints and muscles. Clubfoot is a common birth defect.Sometimes nonsurgical treatments, such as casting, can correct clubfoot. Casting is a method for correcting clubfoot in the hopes of avoiding surgery. With proper treatment, however, the majority of children are able to enjoy a wide range of physical activities with little trace of the deformity. so do consult with your doctor about the casting that can be done. take care dear
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Question: what's mean by right clubfoot in sonography(22 weeks)is it serious problem
Answer: Hello dear Clubfoot occurs when a foot and ankle are permanently twisted. Not enough amniotic fluid during pregnancy. Too little of the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb may increase the risk of clubfoot. So don't worry after delivery doctors will check your baby and decide the best..
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Question: What is the reason of clubfoot in new borns
Answer: hi dear! there is no particular specific cause for clubfoot to take place. some genetic changes can cause this . clubfoot is when the baby's foot is facing inwards as the tendons and the muscles in the foot are shorter than normal. normally with this condition a cast will be put when the baby is delivered as the baby's tendon stretch very easily and can bend too so it becomes easy for the foot to get into original shape. so dont worry but treatment is important. take care.
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