28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is cholesterol increased during pregancy ??

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Answer: yes
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Question: Is there any harm to baby bcz of increased cholesterol?
Answer: Hi during pregnancy there is an increase in cholesterol levels naturally to accomodate the baby s need to ensure healthy brain and limb development.High levels are also needed to make steroid hormones such as estrogen and progestron.These elevated levels come back to normal post delivery. However mothers with high cholestrol problem before concieving can have a high risk of hypertension and its associated problems.Though medication isnt usually prescribed during pregnancy it is important to make lifestyle changes and include fruits, vegetables and fibre in diet.Starting a light exercise as daily routine helps
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Question: how to reduce cholesterol level in pregnancy my cholesterol has increased alot will it harm the baby also pls tell
Answer: As a matter of fact, it is. As the baby starts developing he also begins to develop his own amount of cholesterol and thus increasing the total amount of cholesterol inside mother’s body. Moreover, raised cholesterol levels return to normal in round about four to five weeks after pregnancy. Cholesterol levels between 120 and 190 mg/dl, are usually considered normal but in pregnancy they can be well over 200 mg/dl. Though high cholesterol is not a cause for concern during pregnancy, if left uncontrolled, it may increase the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension and even preterm birth. How to treat high cholesterol-- @ keep urself hydrated @ eat healthy diet. @ take the nut route. @ stay active physically. @ stay away from stress.
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Question: High cholesterol level during third trimester is normal?
Answer: No. Not at all. Please control your diet accordingly.
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Question: How to control cholesterol my cholesterol is border line
Answer: Hi. You will need to be physically active, walnuts are very good control cholesterol. Also see a doctor they woukd prescribe you some medicine.
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