9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is chocolate eating safe in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can eat Chocolate in pregnancy. Eating chocolate in pregnancy can lower ur risk of preeclampsia. Also rememeber that chocolate contains caffeine so have it in moderate amount.
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Question: Is eating chocolate in 6th week of pregnancy is safe
Answer: Hi dear, Occasional indulgence in chocolate is fine.but donot eat that frequently as chocolates are high in sugar and caffeine.both are not good during pregnancy.so have in moderation.
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Question: Eating chocolate is safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear,u can take chocolate it is generally safe in pregnancy..but u should take it in a moderate amount as it contains caffeine which is not good..n it may cause gastetional diabetes...
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Question: Eating chocolate during pregnancy is safe?
Answer: Yes dear you can eat chocolate...just don't eat too much of it..you can eat it in limited quantity 😊
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