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Question: Is C-section effect on my figure

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Answer: Hi.. Dear try to understand, you are responsible for nurturing a life inside your body, when you accommodate a child in your womb, your muscles get stretched, after delivery it takes some time to come back to shape. However, After your delivery, you can use a Maternity belt. During pregnancy, the wall of your abdomen stretch to accommodate a growing uterus. These over stretched muscles don't contract immediately after delivery, leaving flabby skin and fat around the abdomen. Wrapping the abdomen belt will help tighten and strengthen these muscles. Other than this, have non greasy food, avoid junk and sweets completely. Drink lot of fluids including water and juices. Try to include 30 minutes work out in your schedule. Initially it will be difficult, I understand, but, later on you can. If you follow this religiously, it will help you definitely..
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Question: Can we get back to our pre pregnancy figure after a c-section
Answer: Hii Now u can take care of ur diet and do regular exercise and yoga.  1) u Need to stay patience and positive about ur body and regime to loose weight. It took long time to gain so do losing .  2) breastfeed ur baby. 3) give sometime to u related to own personal time for visiting spa Parlour suana.  4) eat high carb and low fat diets.  5) drink lots of water.  6) do kengel exercises. 7) use tummy binding method to reduce tummy.  8) Reverse Crunches for flat belly Lie on your back, raise your legs, bent from knee & pull them towards chest as shown Start with 20 per day, increase 10 per 15 days Benefits: reduces abdominal fat, tones hips & thigh muscles 9) Sit on chair, with straight spine. relaxed shoulder & hands besides you Inhale deeply & exhale slowly, while exhaling bring your legs pwards such that knees comes closer to chest Hold this for 5 seconds & relax  Do it 10 times a day Benefits: reduces belly fat, tonnes thigh muscles & arms muscles 10) u can also do a continuous exercise like crunches, reverse Crunch's,vertical legs crunches, rolling plank exercise, side crunch, twist crunch, lunge twist, bicycle exercise and stomach vacuum.
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Question: I have bad cold n cough more than 10 days.it will effect on my two months c section delivery.
Answer: It is very common to get cough and cold and that can get aggravated and severe because of already low immunity. and a lot of bodily changes that happen when pregnant ladies and children are very prone to cough because they are immunity compromised. for cough and cold with fever and seeing a phlegm. also I will advise you to see your gynecologist once because you will be needing acetaminophen or Paracetamol to relieve body ache and pain as well as fever and you will be needing a good cough syrup containing dextromethorphan are also known as protussa. these are mild cough syrup for dry cough this will help to relieve the symptoms. but for phelgume if it is more and also if your gynaecologist can listen a wheezing sound in your chest she will prescribe you antibiotics to subside the infection because you need to be healthy and absolutely free of disease while delivering so that you do not transmit infection to baby please see your gynecologist tomorrow. take care
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Question: My baby is 4months old. After C-section i didn't take any iron and calcium tablet. Will this have any effect on my baby ??
Answer: No If u need your gynecologist will prescribe u but plz take healthy diet
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