7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is travelliny by air safe at 5 months preg.?

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Answer: Yes completely safe bt take suggestions from ur doctor once dear
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    Snigdha Das730 days ago

    thanks a lot.. will do..!

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Question: Is travel by air safe for 3 months baby
Answer: Hi. Yes its safe. You will just need to keep feeding your baby at time of take off and landing. So that baby wont feel air pressure.
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Question: Is it safe to travel at starting of 7th month. By air.
Answer: Hello dear. Air travel is safe for most pregnant women up to 36 weeks into their pregnancy. For some, the cut off date is 34 weeks, others require a doctor's note and most international flights allow women to travel up to their 35th week of pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: is it safe to travel by air in 3rd month? almost completing 3 months
Answer: Yes it is safe if you dont have any complications in your pregnancy.
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Question: Is it safe to travel by air during 5th and 6th months of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is safe to travel during second trimester of your pregnancy. However, if you have a medical condition or have had any pregnancy complications you should discuss it with your doctor.. Carry all your medicines and sufficient home cooked stuff, so that you don't have to rely on outside food. Also, carry a sanitizer.. Sufficient tissue papers, as you will have to use local washrooms, when you are travelling.. Take proper care of hygiene...
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