35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is burping and constipation the same problem? Whn i try to sleep at night i continuously burp.. any solution for it?

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Answer: its acidity tey sone antaacidnmight be u can get some releif else consultbur doctor
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Question: At night time after i feed my baby is not burping...how to make hom burp
Answer: Hi dear. Try to keep the baby on ur shoulder for some time.. As the baby goes to deep sleep, they won't burp.. try to make the baby sit on ur lap with back support and tap the back gently.. If the baby burp or not try to keep the baby on shoulder for at least 10-15min..
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Question: Hii , any solution for sleep problem during the night at the 8th month last in pregnancy .?
Answer: Hello dear The remedies include stretching, yoga, massage, deep breathing and a warm bath or shower before bed. Regular exercise during pregnancy promotes physical and mental health. Exercise also can help you sleep more deeply.
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Question: My baby is 2 month 25 days...at night while feeding baby is sleeping and unable to burp..is that ok to sleep baby without burping?
Answer: Ohhhh mummy.....it's totally fine. Nothing to worry about. When baby sleeps sleepy or sleeping they do not burp
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