Few days old baby

Question: Is Brest milk is decreased?? if we will get the fever!!

2 Answers
Answer: Hi ma'am. Don't worry about it, keep normally breastfeeding like you always do. And eventually you'll start producing more.
Answer: Okay thank u
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Question: What if my husband is having fever and I am sleeping next to him... Will i get fever ? Is it fine if i get fever when pregnant?
Answer: Better to keep distance dear.prevention is better than cure..tats y
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Question: Haii i got cold if my baby drink brest milk she will also get the cold
Answer: Hi,don't worry you should continue feeding your baby because it has antibodies which in fact helps to build the immunuty system. You should try home remedies bfir this Di steamalation and add nilgiri oil to it Sial cotton balls in nilgiri oil and.olace it at the four corners of the room. You should take ginger paste with honey 1 teaspoon twice a day Do salt water gargling Take ginger and Tulsi leaves in tea This should help
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Question: After the conceive if we get stress means we will get period ha
Answer: Hi, Stress has long been suspected as a possible cause of early miscarriage, So don't think negative and don't take stress.
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